A floriography zine focused on the language of flowers and what they represent to the various characters of Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku.

Current Status: Creation Period

About the Project

Arborification is the metamorphosis from human to plant within the Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku universe. Since flowers are a major motif in the series, this zine hopes to highlight the beauty and message of various flowers through the wonderful cast of criminals, executioners, and otherworldly beings created by Yuji Kaku.The zine will be a smaller-scale for-profit project made available in both physical and digital formats, including some merchandise. Details on contributor information can be found in our project information document below.


Note: Schedule is subject to change. Information will be updated accordingly.

Interest CheckMay 27 - June 18
Interest Check ResultsJune 24
Contributor AppsJuly 8 - Aug 6
Contributor App ResultsAug 25
PitchesAug 26 - Sep 10
Check-in #1Oct 7 - 9
Check-in #2Nov 7 - 9
Check-in #3Dec 7 - 9
Final SubmissionsJan 5
PreordersJan 22 - Feb 29
Production/ShippingMarch/April 2024


What is a zine?
A zine or fanzine is a self-published collection of original work by creatives.
What is this zine about?
This zine is focused on floriography through the colorful characters from Hell’s Paradise. As flowers are a major motif in the series, we want to create a beautiful and informative zine, with our love for Hell’s Paradise in full bloom!
What is floriography?
Floriography is the language of flowers: their meaning and what they communicate to others. This can differ between cultures, and various interpretations of flowers are welcome in this zine.
What is the rating for this zine?
This will be an SFW zine.
What format will this zine be?
The zine will be available in both a physical and digital format, along with physical merchandise.
Will the zine be available worldwide?
Whether the zine is digital or physical, it will be made available to anyone worldwide.
How will contributors be compensated?
Contributors will be offered a complimentary free PDF copy of the zine. If funds allow, contributors will be offered a free physical copy of the zine. If funds allow further, contributors will be allotted a free full bundle each.
As the zine is for-profit, contributors will receive an equal portion of the remaining profits after production costs.Who can apply as a contributor?
Anyone over the age of 18 at the time of application may apply.
I’ve never read the manga. Can I still apply?
Of course! You may apply, but be warned that there may be spoilers for the manga while working on the zine.
How many contributors are you accepting?
We will have 25 contributors, including a handful of guests. The zine will consist of 3-4 writers, 2-3 merch artists, and 18-20 page artists.
Can I apply for multiple roles?
Yes! Just be aware that you will only be accepted into one role, however.
Will applicants be able to request critiques?
Mods are unable to provide critiques at this time.
What are contributors expected to create?
Page artists will be expected to create at least 1 page of fully rendered art with their chosen flower included.
Writers will be expected to create 1 short story with their chosen flower represented in writing. All pieces should strive to convey the meaning of the flowers.Merch artists will be expected to create at least 2 pieces of merchandise, which will be decided on in communication with mods.Spot artists will be expected to provide small botanical illustrations of select flowers, and/or other various character art for fanfiction or other miscellaneous pages.Is traditional art allowed?
Of course! Traditional pieces must be scanned in high quality. We recommend doing so at 600 dpi or higher.
Are collaborations between contributors allowed?
Yes! We’d love to have any and all collaborations between contributors. Note that collaborations can only be decided after contributors are accepted into the zine.
Are AUs allowed?
Yes. As the zine is focused on representing flowers, various AUs are allowed. The flowers themselves must remain real. Please keep the theme of the zine in mind, however, when suggesting an AU if accepted.
Are ships allowed?
This zine will only contain gen content, so no ship/pairing content will be allowed outside of the one canon confirmed relationship between Gabimaru and his wife.
Are OCs allowed?
No. Please refrain from adding original characters to your piece.
Are characters from other works like Ayashimon allowed?
No. Please refrain from adding characters from series other than Hell’s Paradise to your piece. Characters who appear in Hell’s Paradise spinoffs, such as the novels and side story, are welcome.
May I submit an older piece for the zine?
No. You will be expected to create a new piece for the zine.
If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to message our Retrospring, Tumblr ask, or email us!

Meet the Team



Pronouns: She/Her
Favorite Character(s): Everyone Aza Bros, Shugen, Sagiri, Shion

Head, Shipping, Social MediaMETAMORPHOS (DabiHawks AU Zine)
Head, Writing, Shipping, Social MediaHappy Hour (Pro Hero Zine)
Organization & GraphicsSTYLE BOMB (YYH Fashion Zine)
Graphics, Production, Social MediaLOV+e (League of Villains Zine)

Jigokuraku has been my favorite series since I first binged the entire manga 2 years ago. I'm super excited to meet other fans and create something beautiful and informative through my favorite cast of characters!



Pronouns: She/Her
Favorite Character(s): A good mother doesn't have favourites Toma, Tenza and Mei!

Head, Finance, Social MediaInfinite Horizons (Tales Fanzine)
Production & CommunicationsEntangled (IchiRuki Wedding Zine)
Organization, Social Media, GraphicsSonnets & Seasons (Hubernie Fanbook)
Organization & Social MediaChop It Like It's Hot! (Nanami Cookbook)

Hello! I'm Sakky, a plush and merch artist! I stumbled onto Jigokuraku accidentally while reading a web novel years ago and I've been in love ever since. As a Buddhist I'm really excited to see the creation of this passion project, especially since flowers are such an integral part of the symbolism in the story 💐



Pronouns: They/Them
Favorite Character(s): Shion, and of course, everyone's fave, Tinymaru.

Head & OrganizationA Thousand Faces (Hatake Kakashi Fanbook)
Co-Head, Organization, SocialsA Thousand Lights (Chinese New Year MDZS Zine)
Co-Head, Organization, SocialsDimensions (Naruto AU Artbook)
Co-Head, Organization, SocialsChop It Like It's Hot! (Nanami Cookbook)

Hi, I'm Magnus, a body horror enthusiast and spreadsheet nerd. I first started reading Jigokuraku while it was still serialising, and was instantly hooked. Sakky and I spent most of 2021 trying to nudge a friend into running a zine for it (to no avail), so of course I jumped on this project like a feral Toma eheh


Graphics & Formatting

Pronouns: She/Her
Favorite Character(s): Toma, Chobei, Gabimaru

Graphics, Formatting, Social MediaStyle Bomb (YuYu Hakusho Fashion Zine)
Graphics, Formatting, Social Media, ShippingEntangled (IchiRuki Wedding Zine)
Head, Graphics, Formatting, Social MediaApricity (Thoma & Ayaka Zine)
Graphics & FormattingLetters from the Sky (Zerith Fanzine)

I was instantly drawn to the zine's floriography theme. Plus, I love bodies of work that are driven by its characters, and Jigokuraku is no exception!

Contributor Lineup

Arborification is comprised of an amazing team of 30 fans. Check out all our little succulents below!


Page Artists


Merch Artists